About Tiffany Jenkins



Tiffany Jenkins is a writer, author and broadcaster. Her book Keeping Their Marbles: How Treasures of the Past Ended Up in Museums and Why They Should Stay There (OUP) was described in the Sunday Times as ‘an outstanding achievement, clear-headed, wide-ranging and incisive.  She is writing a book for Picador provisionally titled, The Rise and Fall of Private Life.

BTSATMSTiffany hosts the Behind the Scenes at the Museum podcast. Listen to the episode on censorship and self-censorship. She presented the BBC Radio 4 series  A Narrative History of Secrecy, & Contracts of Silence on NDA. She is an Honorary Fellow at the University of Edinburgh, a former visiting fellow at the LSE, and holds a PhD in sociology. She is author of Contesting Human Remains in Museum Collections: The Crisis of Cultural Authority, and editor of Political Culture: Soft Interventions and Nation Building.


Contact her via her agent, Toby Mundy.

Photo: Chris Close.