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Scholars strike back at ‘economic impact’

Article in the Scotsman

DESPITE Labour’s promise that “education, education, education” would be its priority, when the then education minister, Charles Clarke, dismissed “the medieval concept of a community of scholars seeking truth” as “a bit dodgy” back in 2002, it became clear that the pursuit of knowledge for its own sake was judged as outmoded by our political masters.

The role of higher education has always been contested. But in recent times a war has been waged on its research remit. In the last ten years the purpose of the academy has been degraded. Universities have been turned into an instrument to improve the economy and create social cohesion. As a result, knowledge is compromised and students failed.

Why censorship in place of free thinking at our universities?

Article in the Scotsman

UNIVERSITY is supposed to be a time when you experiment, with boys, girls, strange substances, and of course ideas. If you don’t rant and rave about something radical between the ages of 18 to 23, then there is probably something wrong with you. And yet it would seem that campuses today are more a hotbed of censorship than a place of free thinking.