Burying the evidence

Article on Spiked on the DCMS Working Group on Human Remains Report

A report by the UK government’s ‘Human Remains Working Group’ shrouds history in mystery, to the detriment of science.

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One comment on “Burying the evidence”
  1. Phillup Brinkman says:

    Dear Dr. Tiffany Jenkins
    I have sent this along with photos to the British Museum Asia art department.
    I have tried to get museum’s around the world to look at my meiping wine jar. I suspect it is the oldest of it’s type, and is larger, and more finally carved than the national treasure in the palace museum in China.
    Please have a look at it l, and share your thoughts.
    Dear British Museum
    I have what I believe to be unpublished, Cizhou type meiping 15 and 1/2 inches in hight. I believe it has attributes that match stoneware recovered from the town of Julu, in Hebei Province, or a recovered from a tomb. It is covered in a rust colored stain, and has rust colored crackle that is so fine, you could fit over a hundred into the size of a dime. It has a fish row, pearl background that is hand carved, not stamped. This fish row background is so fine you can fit close to a dozen inside a dime. I believe this hand carved background should make it have a manufacturing date before that of stamping.
    It has two vary large gray wolves, leopards, or dragons one on each side, plus two vary large feathers, or ferns separating the two beasts. There are a row of lotus petals around the base. My meiping is vary similar to the meiping in Palace Museum in Peking, with a leopard, and other fierce creatures.

    I find that every museum I contact will not share their knowledge with a poor person. I used to think that was there mane purpose.

    Please let me know what your thoughts are about my wine jar.
    Thank you for your time!
    Phillup Brinkman
    4220 five mile point road
    Allouez, Michigan

    Sent from my iPhone

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