Debate: Professor Gunther von Hagens

Debate at Edinburgh Fringe Festival

As Professor Gunther von Hagen’s controversial corpses roll out of Edinburgh just as fast as they are rolled in there was a brief opportunity to quiz the eccentric scientist on the ethics of his practice.Professor von Hagens’ very real corpses were briefly displayed at the Gilded Balloon Caves, a former morgue, in a bid to publicise the Fringe show, Corpus at C venue.Von Hagens’ Bodyworld exhibition is the inspiration behind Modify the Van’s musical written by Jonny Berliner and Fintan O’Higgins. Yesterday evening the Institute of Ideas brought together an expert panel to discuss the controversy that has surrounded the project ever since von Hagens conducted the first televised autopsy last year.

The panel chaired by Tiffany Jenkins of the Institute of Ideas consisted of: Professor Gunther von HagensJonny Berliner, co-writer of CorpusDr Piers Benn, lecturer in Medical Ethics at Imperial College LondonProfessor Anthony Bussuttil, Professor of Forensic Medicine at the University of Edinburgh

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